Important Things Every First-time Homebuyers Need To Know About Mortgage

Important Things Every First-time Homebuyers Need To Know About Mortgage

A lot of people nowadays are dreaming of getting a home they can call their own. However, most of these people are first-timers and have no idea about the ways one must know for him or her to purchase or build his or her dream house. If you are a lucky one that belongs to a wealthy family where your parents can give you a tremendous amount of money as your inheritance, then getting that dream house won’t be a problem.

However, if you are an average earner and you plan to have a home in the future, then it is vital that you learn the basics of Fha Loans San Antonio and other essential things that you as a new homeowner aspirant should know.

Credit Score

Having an excellent credit score is essential if you are going to apply for a mortgage loan. While Fha Loans San Antonio does not usually require a high credit score to approve a mortgage loan but they give low-interest rates for those who have it. Also, for those who have a credit score lower than 580, you won’t be able to avail the lowest downpayment offered by FHA loan lenders which is 3.5 percent and instead you will be required to put 10 percent downpayment.

Get Pre-approved

One mistake that some aspiring homeowners make is that they do their home hunting before they apply for a mortgage loan. It is highly recommended that one should make at least an inquiry about the process of a mortgage loan and how to qualify for it before engaging to house hunting.

Getting pre-approved will give you an idea of how much you can afford and what are the houses that you should look for, and they should be within your means. Also, a pre-approval letter will be given to you after the pre-approval process, and it will serve as an additional document that you can use when you apply for a mortgage loan.

Save for the 20% Down Payment

While it is true that when applying for an FHA mortgage loan, you won’t be needing a 20 percent down payment since a 3.5 percent down payment is enough. However, if you put a larger down payment, then you could save a lot from your monthly dues since you will only pay a lesser amount. Also, putting a high down payment would keep you from paying private mortgage insurance, thus lessening your monthly payment even more.

Save for Cash Reserves

Purchasing a house is one of the most significant investment one can ever make in their lifetime. However, it would take you years before you can fully pay your home. There might come along the ways unexpected cost and expenses such as schooling or medical expenses and even your travel expenses that might cause trouble in your finances. While you still have time, it is better to save a lot of cash in your bank account so can still feel financially comfortable even when those things mentioned earlier happens in the future.

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